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Urgent…Take A Stand for Canada…Support Hupacasath


FUNDS to pay for Hupacasath’s court case to SAVE CANADA will run out on Wednesday, March 27th.

Hupacasath, a small community of 280 members, can not continue to champion this massive, legal challenge without the financial support of Canadians.

The Canada China FIPPA gives China access to Canada’s WATER, agricultural products, minerals, oil, forests and jobs. In essence, this trade deal, not debated in parliament, may expose Canada to social and economic harm. 

CANADA is on the BRINK.    What’s $10 or $20 to save Canada’s future?

PLEASE DONATE via     or at

Again, CANADA is on the BRINK.  Donations have run out so close to the court dates nearing the end of  April or early May, 2013.
Come on, Canada!  Hear this plea!  This court case is the MOST IMPORTANT legal battle in Canadian history.

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  1. May Mickelow permalink

    It is vitally important that Canadians have this day in court, to ALL Canadians, whether you agree with what Harper has proposed or not! The point is Harper thinks that he can force agreements that we do not know anything about down our throats and we are just supposed to be quiet, and accept that he knows best. Doesn’t that remind you of someone? It certainly does remind me of someone, someone who decided he would take over the whole world, one country at a time……….and who our forefathers, great uncles, grandfathers and mothers, etc fought so that no one might ever again try to take over the world and force law upon us without consulting us, without any debate in Parliament, and without a vote! This so called law is most certainly NOT in our best interests as it is far reaching and breaches our fundamental rights and freedoms as provided by God and the Constitution. Stand up Canadians, one and all, all races, nationalities, colours, languages, EVERYONE stand up, shoulder to shoulder and tell Harper just wait a darn minute here, WHAT do you think you are doing? Where do you get off? NO, we don’t want this signed into law in Canada!

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