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An Important Message from Hupacasath First Nation


These are historic times for First Nations and the people of Canada because Hupacasath Chief and Council made perhaps their biggest decision on record:

To continue the pursuit of justice for themselves, First Nations across the country, and all the people of Canada.

Chief and Council are prepared to move forward with an appeal of the Chief Justice’s decision with one important stipulation:

The amount of $300,000 needs to be raised by September 26th, 2013.

As you are well aware, the Chief Justice awarded significant costs against Hupacasath First Nation as part of his decision, and if an appeal is not successful, further costs may be awarded against Hupacasath. This is a burden that Hupacasath simply cannot bear alone.

The $300,000 will cover Hupacasath’s own legal fees plus current and any future awards of court costs.

While Hupacasath is fighting to have the federal government consult First Nations before ratifying FIPPA, this trade agreement will have a profound affect on ALL Canadians from coast to coast to coast. Our small nation of 300 members simply cannot absorb the costs and penalties associated with this fight for justice.

Various commentators have weighed in and concur that First Nations should be consulted when it comes to ratifying international trade agreements. Without a doubt, these trade agreements will affect First Nations’ rights and title interests for a very long time.

Hupacasath, with the support of all people of Canada, is forging new legal ground in this precedent setting case.

Is this worth the fight?   Yes, it is! 

Is it worth taking a chance for the sake of Canada?  Yes, it is!

So, let’s join together and tackle this seemingly big task of raising $300,000 before September 26th.

When “We Stand Together,” all things are possible!  We can do it.


Brenda Sayers


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