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Hupacasath First Nation Puts China On Notice


Hupacasath First Nation is requesting other First Nations across Canada to write the People’s Republic of China stating they do not acknowledge the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement commonly known as FIPA or FIPPA.
Canadians can approach their City Councils and ask them to follow suit as municipalities power to protect their citizens will be overridden by the Canada-China FIPA.
Especially those municipalities who have taken a stand and barred Kinder Morgan and Enbridge’s Northern Gateway from pipelines entering their jurisdiction.
Together we must make it clear to the People’s Republic of China that the Government of Canada did not follow due process by consulting First Nations, Municipalities, Parliament And the citizens of Canada.

Final, final final Letter to China Word doc


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  1. I think the letter is excellent! Can Brenda or someone respond to this question: Do you think emailing this letter, with or w/o additional comments, would be sufficient, or do you think snail mail would have more effect? I know it’s a small question, to to some societies it is a very important one. I thank you again for all you do for Canada!

  2. Thank you, we appreciate your comment on our letter 🙂 May I suggest you do both? It is always nice for the recipient to have an original copy.

    It truly is an honour to serve the people. Thank you for making a connection with me.

    From: Brenda Sayers

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