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Hupacasath First Nation calls for greater disclosure on impact of FIPPA Agreement in wake of Prime Minister Harper’s trip to China


Brenda Sayers, a representative of the Hupacasath Nation added, “The Prime Minister had an opportunity to strengthen relationships with First Nations through the Kelowna Accord, but that promise was broken…

“Despite his promises about protecting Canadian interests, the Prime Minister has unilaterally rushed ahead with the integration of the Chinese and Canadian economies, without taking the time to inform or consult with Canadians,” Sayers added…

“Most Canadians have reason to doubt the good faith of a Prime Minister who has done everything in his power to prevent informed debate both in parliament and among citizens,” Sayers added.

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Harper Trip NEWS RELEASE 11-7-14 final clean-4


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  1. About all I can say about this whole debacle he has brought on is that – if/when we get him out of office next election, there will be HONEST investigations into the last 2 federal elections…. hopefully the findings of those will make his entire time (reign) LOL – illegal, and therefore all that has been done must be undone. I know, this sounds very optimistic, but I do believe Karma is gonna visit this bastard – real good! and our country will be put back to it’s former glory!!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I hope you are right about the karma

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